Nutrisystem improved both our meals and deals!

Hello there, I am Brian! I work as a manager at “Rush Hour”, a successful auto dealership company in Philadelphia. Rush Hour has been in business for about 27 years now and today we are one of the busiest car dealerships in PA. I take pride in the conditions and features of the cars we sell but what I take even more pride in is my employees. We’d like to share our journey.

Rush Hour has an amazing team of workers who do a great job keeping the automobiles perfect and showing amazing the cars around to so many different customers every day with amazing dedication. For a large dealership company, we only have 16 employees and because of a great number of customers all throughout the day, employees don’t have time to go out and grab lunch, and that is when I started ordering Nutrisystem meals for my employees. I must say it has benefitted the employees as well as our company greatly. Let me tell you some things about Nutrisystem meals, what we’ve gained from it, and how these Nutrisystem coupon codes have made our journey even more exciting.

Nutrisystem is behind our success

It’s funny how Rush Hour first found out about Nutrisystem. So one of our car salesmen Ted once has a large fast-food meal in a bright sunny afternoon and when he came back to the office to deal with one of the waiting client, he couldn’t stop yawning and couldn’t pay any attention to what the client was asking because of this heavy meal. The client was pretty mad at how unengaged the salesman was in making a business deal and turns out she’d seen Ted walk out of the fast-food restaurant earlier. She obviously did not buy a car from that day but when she left she threw a printed coupon at Ted and said that he’s got to start eating healthy. Turns out she’s a dietician!

So our journey with Nutrisystem started out pretty rough but the decision to continue with Nutrisystem was one of the best decisions ever. Ted was the first one to start a Nutrisystem meal plan in the office and seeing how good he was going after just changing his eating habits, other employees staring using Nutrisystem too. Car sales have definitely gone up in the past few months and Nutrisystem played a very big role behind it. Now, employees keep snacking on little things like cookies or chocolate bars and are able to pay attention to our clients very well because they are never too hungry and eager to go grab a greasy lunch, neither are they too full to be completely lethargic and motionless after lunch.

Nutrisystem during Rush Hours at “Rush Hour”

Like our name already suggests, we’re always busy here at Rush Hour. Employees are always making sure the cars are in perfect conditions, showing customers around, explaining features of our automobiles, going for test drives with customers, negotiating prices etc. Because you never know when customers are going to show up, you always have to stay prepared and ready to go work and deal with them. Because customer hours are uncertain, lunch hours are also uncertain. People usually go across the street to grab a bite from local fast-food chains but they can’t eat much because the greasy food is going to make them lazy and sleepy, but customers are going to be waiting to be shown around so you can’t really take any rest.

Sometimes they can’t even eat in peace because they are afraid they might lose their clients and not make a business deal. At times like this Nutrisystem has really lessened the rush at Rush Hour. You get to order your meals for a whole month in just a matter of seconds and with Nutrisystem promo codes, your meals come to cost around the same price as fast-food or sometimes, even cheaper. Now employees can just go inside the office, take out a snack from their Nutrisystem meal box and eat. If they see clients, they don’t have to rush anymore because they eat right there and clients love it when we get to them without any delay.

Good health and wealth with Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem has taught our employees that eating healthy doesn’t necessarily require high expenses or too much effort. We at Rush Hour have now learned that what we eat really does matter a lot and connects to everything. Our employees are now so much more enthusiastic and active when it comes to dealing with customers. A lot of our employees have extra weight they were eager to get rid of and are now very happy with their body. This is also made them more comfortable and confident while talking to clients as they don’t need to be conscious about their body anymore. Plus, the idea of saving $2 per meal too good to resist.

Nutrisystem has even encouraged a few employees to exercise daily. Because Nutrisystem has gradually brought so many positive changes in their physique and health, they want to integrate exercise with their meals for even better, quicker results, and it is definitely working more effectively for them. The well being of our employees has definitely perked up the office environment and immensely increased sales of automobile. If it weren’t for the angry dietician who threw a code at one of our employees, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Pros and Cons of Nutrisystem from the experience of “Rush Hour” employees:


  • Eliminates the effort of having to cook or order food every single day
  • Motivates people to integrate exercise in their everyday life
  • Meals designs by expert dieticians makes food trustworthy and people don’t hesitate to subscribe to the meal plants


  • Food not as tasty as restaurant food
  • Eating out is limited
  • Once people unsubscribe to Nutrisystem meal plans, they start gaining weight again